Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quality Assurance Plan

A Quality Assurance Project Plan
is a document that it describes planning, implementation, and assessment procedures for a particular project, as well as any specific quality assurance and quality control activities. It integrates all the technical and quality aspects of the project in order to provide a "blueprint" for obtaining the type and quality of environmental data and information needed for a specific decision or use.

The Quality Assurance plan shall describe all the quality definitions and standards relevant to the project, it will highlight the standards that must be followed to comply to regulatory requirements setup by Owner, the local government, and professional organizations.

The below document is an applicable quality assurance plan that shall be applied of CONTRACTOR.


1.1. Scope
Quality Assurance Plan is to establish control procedures that to be executed properly and effectively in order to assure the safe and reliable quality in engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and inspection in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the contract documents between OWNER and

1.2. References

- Project Execution Plan
- Engineering management Plan
- Construction Management Plan
- Procurement Management Plan
- Time management Plan
- Material Management Plan

1.3.1. OWNER
It shall mean Purchaser, as the ultimate user, the authorized representative of OWNER, OWNER third party inspection.

It means the company selected by OWNER, which may be responsible for the detail engineering design, material & equipment procurement, and construction as specified in contract document or scope of work.

1.3.3. VENDOR
The supplier of equipments and materials including related services that selected by OWNER or CONTRACTOR, which is responsible for the purchase agreement or purchase order of the goods or services specified in specifications.

1.3.4. PRODUCT
An all inclusive term used in place of any of the following: appurtenance, assembly, component, equipment, material, module, part, structure, sub-assembly, system, sub-system, or unit.

The performance of activities; such as: design, fabrication, inspection, non destructive, repair, or installation.

1.3.6. QUALITY
Fitness for use; meets intended purpose, performs satisfactory in service for a specified time.

Planned, systematic procedures and actions to assure that the engineering design, materials, equipment, structure, and systems comprising a facility will, on completion, conform to specified requirements and meet the intended purposed.

That part of quality assurance which, through checks, reviews, measurements, test, inspection, determine that specifications are met.

1.3.9. QA PLAN
A detailed scheme developed and documented beforehand, for achieving the desired level of quality in a completed facility.

1.3.10. QA SYSTEM
The procedures, equipment, activities, organization, and personnel used to implement quality assurance plan.

The specified amount of inspection deemed necessary to ensure that a product of service conforms to specification. The detail of inspection level describes on Inspection and test Plan at Shop and Inspection and Test Plan at Site.

In case of conflict between this plan and its specifications and the above Codes and Standards, the Vendor/ CONTRACTOR shall bring the matter to the OWNER’S attention for resolution and approval in writing. However, the most stringent requirement shall apply.

Should conflicts exist between this specification and other documents, the following order of precedence shall govern:
- Scope of Work
- Data sheets
- Other OWNER specifications
- Other referenced publications
- Approved for construction drawings
- Vendor’s code

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