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Quality Assurance Plan 4 of 6

10.1. General.
This section covers procedures for controlling inspection and testing to verify the conformance of products and services to the specified requirements of the contract, applicable codes and standards for the procurement phase.

10.2. Establishment of Inspection Program.
10.2.1. On the basis of equipment specification prepared by Design Engineer, and of the quality level of item, Inspection Coordinator shall develop the Inspection and Test Plan, in which the following items shall be identified:
- Subjects of inspection/ test item (such as parts, subassembly, and assembly).
- Characteristics and/or kinds of inspection (such as material test, welding inspection, Non Destructive Examination, hydrostatic test, dimensional inspection).
- Inspection points; including Vendor’s inspection points, witness inspection points, hold points.
- Inspection records required
- Quality Control plan at shop for the Project shall be developed along with proceeding detail engineering.

10.2.2. The Inspection and Test Program shall be reviewed by OWNER. The approved program shall be confirmed at Pre-Inspection meeting.

10.2.3. CONTRACTOR/Vendors/ Subcontractors are requested to establish detailed inspection plan to be documented into Inspection Procedures.
The Inspection Procedures shall identify the following as appropriate:
- Applicable codes and standards.
- Fabrication Sequence Flow Chart indicating inspection points.
- Detailed Inspection/Test Method, including measuring apparatus, measured items, calculation charts, qualifications of inspectors, etc.
- Acceptance criteria.
- Inspection record forms
- Status sheets, travelers (sign off sheet), etc.
- Where sampling inspection is conducted, show sampling methods.
- Purchaser’s witness and hold points.

10.2.4. In the event that inspection of processed item is impossible or disadvantageous, indirect control by monitoring the processing method, equipment and personnel shall be defined. (e.g. welding personnel, welding electrode used, ampere, voltage, heat treatment chart, etc).

10.2.5. Vendor’s Inspection Procedures shall be submitted to OWNER through CONTRACTOR for approval.

10.2.6. For materials to be used for the critical services, inspection and test requirements stipulated by OWNER shall be incorporated into Inspection and Test Program.

10.3. Inspection Personnel.
10.3.1. Inspector.
Inspection Coordinator selects inspector on the basis of prior experience and qualification from CONTRACTOR’S Inspection Section and from inspection agencies. Inspection Agency is selected from nominated agencies that it shall have:
- Adequate current experience.
- Skilled and/or qualified inspector can be available where requested.
- Suitable network service any location where products are fabricated.

10.3.2. Vendor Inspector.
CONTRACTOR shall review and evaluate Vendor’s inspectors to ensure their qualification and skill, as required.

10.3.3. Non Destructive Examination Personnel.
Non Destructive Examination personnel shall have qualification obtained from the authorized organization. When Vendor performs Non Destructive Examination, he shall submit a Qualified Non Destructive Examination Personnel List in which kinds and level of Non Destructive Examination, terms of validity, and the organization by which they are qualified are made clear.

10.4. Inspection and Test Execution Control.
10.4.1. Pre-Inspection Meeting will be held for major items or when deemed necessary by Inspection Coordinator for Coordination and for mutual understanding prior to the fabrication.

10.4.2. Inspection schedule shall be established by Vendor on the basis of delivery date, notifying inspection date and inspection status at the specified date without delay to Inspection Coordinator through Expediter.

10.4.3. Status of inspection and test schedule shall be controlled by Inspection Coordinator.

10.4.4. Witnesses Inspection will be conducted at Vendor’s shop by Inspection Representative. For the Hold point Items, Vendor shall not proceed with the work until it has been inspected by Representative or a written approval of waiver is obtained.

10.4.5. Final Inspection shall include a record review of the results and resolution of non-conformances identified by prior inspections. Inspection Coordinator shall check the inspection record and when the record is found to meet Purchase Order’s requirements, he prepares Inspection Release Notice accordance.

10.4.6. Vendor shall establish and control the suitable status identification measures of inspection and test on items. CONTRACTOR’S representative will check the control activity on inspection or audit.


11.1. General.
This section covers the controlling procedures to be established and carried out for handling, storage, shipping, and preservation of material and equipment.

11.2. Planning, Controlling General.
11.2.1. CONTRACTOR will identify the requirements on handling, storage, and shipping on the basis of legal restrictions, OWNER’S specifications on the procurement documents.

11.2.2. Where required, Vendor shall submit the procedures for review and approval. Vendor shall implement the work in accordance with the approved procedures, and shall generate the work records.

11.3. Handling and storage.
11.3.1. CONTRACTOR/ Vendor/ Subcontractor shall provide methods and means of handling that prevent damage or deterioration.

11.3.2. Products in stock shall be clearly identified by marking, tags, labels, location, etc, to prevent abuse, misuse, and loss.

11.3.3. Vendor/ Subcontractor shall pay special attention to the handling and cleaning of stainless steel, low alloy steel, etc. to be used in special environment as specified by CONTRACTOR, Vendor/ Subcontractor and shall establish perform the procedure after obtaining CONTRACTOR’S approval.

11.3.4. Handling of heavy component shall be performed under controlled conditions. Operator of special handling and lifting equipment shall be qualified or experienced in the use of equipment. The equipment shall be checked periodically at appropriate intervals.

11.4. Packaging and delivery.
11.4.1. Prior to packing, Vendor shall confirm the cleanliness, coating, required records of the product, materials to be used for packing, and the completion of disposition of Non-conformance, etc.

11.4.2. Vendor shall control packing, preservation and marking process to satisfy CONTRACTOR’S requirements.

11.4.3. All shipments shall be prepared and transported in conformance to specified requirements and applicable carrier regulations.

11.4.4. Vendor shall deliver the cargo to the specified port of loading within the term of delivery.

11.4.5. CONTRACTOR shall supervise or conduct inspection for shipping, as necessary.

11.5. Maintenance and care of Product.
11.5.1. For equipment to be stored long period, the following maintenance and care shall be employed, as appropriate.
- To apply lubricant on rotating parts and sliding parts.
- To energize heater to prevent humidity
- To provide temporary barriers or protective covers to seal opening to prevent intrusion of foreign materials.
- To settle environmental conditions, are required.
- To check and confirm maintenance status using checklist, etc.

11.5.2. During construction, care should be taken for preventive activities not to give detrimental effect on the adjacent equipment, which has already been installed.


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