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Quality Assurance Plan 5 of 6

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12.1. General
This section covers the procedure to control quality related activities to be performed at the construction site.

12.2.1 Selection The contract documents shall be prepared by the construction Planning Division in which general conditions and term, the scope of work, applicable documents, and qualification of QC requirements, right to access and extension of requirements to sub-tiers, at least, are specified. A review of contract documents and changes thereto shall be made by EM, PM and QA Supervisor, where needed, to confirm the adequacy of specified requirements, and Pr M shall issue Request for Quotation to candidate Subcontractors. evaluation shall be dependent upon the types of products and services, their resources, demonstrated capability and past performance of similar work, proposed QC activities, and capability on schedule and cost.
PM shall make the final determination and the subcontractor list shall be submitted for approval.

12.2.2. Coordination. The coordination Procedure between OWNER, CONTRACTOR and Subcontractor shall be established, in which each scope of work, lines of communications, information transmission routes, etc are defined. The procedure shall be issued to all relevant parties. Construction Superintendent shall control Subcontractors through coordination and communication and give instruction or guidance for their work. Controlling staff shall monitor their activities through patrol check, review of work reports, etc, and where necessary, point out any non-conforming item, and request them to take corrective actions.

12.3. Planning
12.3.1. On the basis of OWNER’S technical specification and CONTRACTOR’S engineering documents, the project team shall establish the work sequence and overall schedule.

12.3.2. In the installation work sequence, processes, inspection requirements, and required documentation are made clear.

12.3.3. Site controller shall establish a monthly schedule in the three month span and the weekly schedule, and give direction explanation to Subcontractor on the schedule.

12.3.4. Supervisors shall prepare site work documents of his scope of work, such as format of work reports, checklist, site drawings for record, etc.

12.4. QC Activities
12.4.1. Document Control
Construction Superintendent designates Site Document Controller. He shall control site documents as follow:
- Arrange Regulation, Code, Standards, Specification required at the site.
- Establish a site numbering and filling system including levels of review and approval, receiving and distribution routing and communication routing with Home office to assure that correct and the latest documents are used.
- Define the control procedures for documents supplied by OWNER and prepared at the site.

12.4.2. Receiving Control
Site Material Controller (MC) is responsible for site receiving as following:
- Perform inspection, using checklist and/or against the invoice, on damages, deterioration during the transportation, quantities, required documents, etc.
- Products without required documentation and products for which corrective actions have not been completed, etc. shall be identified and controlled to prevent inadvertent use and recorded. Storage and Maintenance.
- For products requiring special environment condition or maintenance, the relevant DE shall specify the requirements.
- MC will establish the system to minimize possible damage, deterioration, etc.
- Storage and maintenance conditions shall be checked at appropriate intervals. Handling.
Special materials and process, handling operators, equipment and device preventive maintenance shall be documented and controlled. Qualification.
Maintenance of and training for personnel qualification shall be checked and conformed. Maintenance of Process Equipment.
Maintenance of welding equipment, measuring and test equipment shall be controlled by Subcontractor and checked by CONTRACTOR. Environmental Control.
- The environmental site condition shall be controlled as required by the statutory regulation.
- The work environment shall be maintained clean and tidy to assure that the work is performed under well controlled conditions for work and safety.

This section covers the procedures to control pre-commissioning activities.

13.2.1. PM shall appoint Pre-Commissioning Coordinator who is responsible for Plant Pre-commissioning.

13.2.2. Pre-Commissioning Coordinator shall establish a pre-commissioning organization with the Cooperation of basic design group manager and PM.
Pre-Commissioning Coordinator will designate pre-commissioning staff.

13.2.3. Pre-Commissioning Coordinator shall keep close communication with OWNER and the Construction Manager and report to PM.

Pre-Commissioning Coordinator shall prepare and arrange the following plans, procedures, etc. with the Cooperation of pre-commissioning staffs and the relevant subcontractors.
- Pre-commissioning plan, identifying activity sequences, boundaries of equipment to be tested and released, pre-requisitions, verification methods, and inspection and test points.
- Identification of acceptance and rejection criteria.
- Adequate and appropriate equipment.
- Suitable and controlled environmental conditions.
- Subcontractor’s Cooperation for significant product testing, as required
- Preparation of record forms and checklists.

13.4.1. Pre-commissioning verification
Pre-Commissioning Coordinator shall Check Identification & physical condition; installation verification
of equipment for commissioning readiness and confirmation of satisfactory disposition of pending problem, system check cleaning, pressure leak-test, flow direction check, in line instrumentation check, etc.

13.4.2. Measuring equipment shall be calibrated and instruments shall be adjusted. Where temporary items are mounted, they shall be identified and removed after the completion of test.

13.4.3. Collection of Data and Evaluation Data taken at each stage shall be analyzed and evaluated of the validity, integrity and completeness. When any incompleteness is found,
Pre-Commissioning Coordinator shall take corrective actions, such as requesting additional test, making procedure change.

13.5. Records

13.5.1. Records shall be collected and compiled by the relevant engineers with prior agreement.

13.5.2. Records shall include the result of analysis and evaluation, corrective actions, changes and modifications, calibration records, etc.

13.5.3. Record shall be controlled in accordance with section 15 of this document.

Control of Measuring and test Equipment

13.6.1. CONTRACTOR/ Vendors/ Subcontractor are requested to plan and specify the characteristics to be tested, measuring method to be employed and the acceptance limits.

13.6.2. CONTRACTOR/ Vendors/ Subcontractors shall select appropriate measuring and test equipment in their accuracy and capacity to the specified requirements.

13.6.3. Equipment, gases, jigs, or such devices to verify the acceptability of products shall be controlled, calibrated and/or adjusted at specified intervals to maintain the accuracy and precession within the required limits by establishing the control procedures.

13.6.4. The control procedure shall be defined in the QA/QC Plan.

13.6.5. The measures shall include the records and control logs, the identification of validity to show the calibration status, the handling and storing to prevent damage and deterioration.

13.6.6. CONTRACTOR shall confirm the control status at surveillance, audit, witness inspection, on a timely basis.


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