Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quality of Products

Quality of Products is part of Quality Management.
Quality of product is a serial inspection and testing applied of product during preparation works, incoming materials, production processes, and pre commissioning. It is mean to assure that the fabrication items and installation of facilities have been constructed in accordance with approved design and construction drawings.

The inspection and testing provisions for products shall be adequate to assure compliance with the material, construction, welding, assembly, and testing requirements.
The required quality of product shall refer to requirements of project specifications and it shall be stated of approved Inspection and Test Plan.

Quality of product shall be described on detail of each testing procedure, it for ensure that the testing method will be applied, personnel required, and required acceptance criteria in accordance with relevant code & standard, and meet requirements of project specifications.

In this discussion will feature the both quality management and quality of products, as below:

Quality of Product
Welding Procedure Specifications & Procedure Qualification Report, Visual Examination Procedure, Material Acceptance Procedure, Dimensional Test Procedure, Non Destructive Examination Personnel Procedure, Non Destructive Examination Procedure, Air Leak Test Procedure, Hydrostatic Test Procedure, etc.

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