Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quality Management

Project Quality Management is not and event, it is an internal repetitive cycle continuous processes of an organization for ensuring that all project activities consistent with their own commitments to produce quality products or services meet requirements of contract. It will be executed by measuring of quality management and updating processes until the desired quality is achieved.

Project Quality Management is more about preventing and avoiding than measuring and fixing poor quality outputs. It is part of every project management processes from the moment the project initiates to final steps in the project closure phase.

Project Quality Management shall be designed and developed of a construction project prior execution work that it mean for describes readiness of a team or a CONTRACTOR to do the work in accordance with owner specifications; relevant of codes & standards; and local government regulations.

Project Quality Management shall be implemented in effective and efficient with respect to the purpose of the objective and its performance.

In this discussion will feature the both quality management and quality of products, as below:

See Quality of Product

Quality Management

2. Quality Operation Procedures :
Management Responsibility, Management Review, Quality Control Procedure, Inspection and Test Plan, Non Conformity Procedure, Shop Inspection Procedure, Field Testing Procedure, Conformity Certificate Procedure, Mechanical Acceptance Procedure, etc

Project quality management is not purchasing the most expensive material or services available on the market. The Quality and grade are not the same, grade are characteristics of a material or service, such as: additional features. A product may be of good quality (no defects) and be of low grade (few or no extra features).

Quality management focuses is an improving stakeholder satisfaction through continuous and incremental improvements to processes, including removing unnecessary activities.

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