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Material Acceptance - General

1. Scope
i. This Material Acceptance discussion covers minimum requirements for performing inspection of incoming raw materials, Pipe Fittings, Consumables, Fabricated Item, and Equipment Package that it will fabricated and/ or installed of a project.

ii. This Material Acceptance discussion is made to ensure that incoming material compliance with OWNER technical specifications.

iii. The incoming material shall be verified between the actual identification with purchase order requirements.

iv. All material shall meet requirements of design data requisitions, Owner’s specification, and/or relevant code & standard.

v. All material shall have clearly identified supply of origin and consignee.

vi. This Material Acceptance discussion will describe in general, the detail requirements of specific materials, consumables, pipe fittings, fabricated Item, and equipment package shall refer to material management discussions.

- Quality Control Procedure
- Inspection & Test Plan
- Visual Examination Procedure
- Dimensional Test Procedure
- Non-conformity Procedure

3. Responsibility
3.1. QA/QC Manager
a. QA/QC Manager responsible for Quality Control activities of incoming material and coordinates Project Quality Assurance/ Quality Control efforts to ensure the intended results in according with contract requirements.

b. All release and/or rejected work/ inspection/ testing are under ultimate judgment of QA/QC Manager in accordance with the technical specification.

c. Invite the OWNER inspector to witness incoming material inspection (if required).

3.2. QC Engineer
a. QC Engineer is as assistant of QA/QC Manager.

b. QC Engineer shall responsible to monitors implementation of Inspection Policies and Procedure, Coordinates qualification test and determines the validity in accordance with regulation, codes, specifications and procedures; scheduling and monitoring their inspection result and reporting the result to QA/QC Manager.

c. QC Engineer ensures that certification and validity of adjustment and calibration, inspection, test and measuring equipment.

d. Maintains a current file of Non Conforming items.

3.3. Material Examiner
a. Material Examiner has responsibility to report the result of each attend the testing and inspection of their each discipline to the QA/QC Engineer.

b. Material Examiner has right to inspect at any time according their determined schedule and can give notification that the work is released or rejected.

3.4. PROCUREMENT Manager
Procurement Manager is responsible for all aspects of the procurement of equipment, material and services, including purchasing, expediting and shipping. He/ She shall establish the procurement policy including the activities specified by the Project Quality Assurance Plan.

3.5. MATERIAL and LOGISTIC Manager
Material and Logistic Manager shall responsible to overall control of materials, including receiving, checking, storing, issuance, handling over and disposal of material.

4. Supporting Document
4.1. Purchase Order
i. Purchase order shall be published by Procurement Manager.

ii. Purchase order shall be based on the following documents:
- Engineering documents, such as: Technical specifications, Material Requisition, Data Sheet, and Drawings.
- QC Document: QC Requirements for Vendor
- Procurement Document: Request for Quotation

iii. Purchase order shall be distributed to Quality Control Department for prepare the incoming material inspection; to Material & Logistic Department for prepare lay down area & un-loading equipment.

iv. The detail purchase order shall refer to Procurement Management Plan.

4.2. Packing List
i. Packing list shall describe supply of origin, consignee, work breakdown structure no., package no, part item, quantity, weight, dimension, etc.

4.3. Certificate of Conformity
i. Mill certificates for raw steel materials and components (pipe fittings, bolt & nut, etc)
ii. Inspection Release Notice for fabricated part.
iii. Manufacturer Data Report for Fabricated Equipments
iv. Manufacture certificates for equipment package

5. Coordination
5.1. Incoming Material
i. Incoming Material shall be received by Material & Logistic Department.

ii. The Material & Logistic Manager shall publish Material Receiving Report, and it shall be distributed to QA/QC Department for material inspection (Incoming material is not yet into stock data) and Procurement Department for claim to Vendor (if required), the detail procedure shall refer to Material Management Plan.

iii. Based on Material Receiving Report, The Material Examiner shall inspect incoming material with or without present The Owner Inspector; it shall refer to Inspection and Test Plan required.

iv. The Material examiner shall publish Incoming Material Inspection Record that it shall be distributed to Quality Assurance Department for release Material Acceptance Notice and to Material & Logistic Department for information the result of inspection status. The detail information of Inspection Record refers to paragraph 10.

5.2. Acceptance Notice
i. Acceptance Notice is a QA/QC manager statement that material and it relevant certificate have complied in accordance with Owner specification and Relevant Code and Standard; the material can be fabricated or installed.

ii. Acceptance Notice shall be supported by acceptable incoming material inspection record and Mill Certificates.

iii. The detail information refers to paragraph 11

iv. The Acceptance Notice shall be distributed to Material & Logistic Manager for in to stock data; Procurement Manager for information that the purchase order is complied, and Construction Manager for information.

v. The Acceptance notice shall be included on QA Dossier.

6. Preparation of Inspection
i. The incoming material shall have relevant documents, such as: purchase order and Packing List.
ii. Materials have to possibility for inspection.
iii. The examiner shall have permission and access into Vendor location (if required).

7. Evaluation
There are 3 (three) inspections shall be applied of incoming material as follow:

7.1. Quantity and Damage check
i. The Ware House personnel shall inspect the overage, damage, and shortage of incoming material against Purchase order and packing list. It shall be reported to Material & Logistic Manager for publish Material Receiving Report.

7.2. Dimensional check
i. The test method shall refer to Dimensional Test Procedure.
ii. The dimensional check shall be applied of steel mill materials and components.
iii. The detail requirements shall refer to Material Acceptance - steel materials, and Material Acceptance – components.

7.3. Visual check
i. The test method shall refer to Visual Examination Procedure.

ii. The Visual check shall be applied of Mill materials, Components, Fabricated Equipments/ Parts, and Equipment Package.

iii. The detail requirements shall refer to Material Acceptance - steel materials, Material Acceptance – components, Material Acceptance – Consumable, and Material Acceptance – Equipment Package.

8. Acceptance Criteria
The acceptance standards of incoming material shall comply with requirement of purchase order and requirement of paragraph 7.

9. Non conformity product
The non conformance shall refer to Non conformity procedure.

10. Inspection Record
i. The Test report shall be recorded and documented.

ii. A written record describes result of dimensional and visual examination; the format outline contains the following information:

- The Project name
- Order No.
- Reference documents: PO No., Material Receiving Report No.
- Reference code & standard
- The date of examination
- Description of incoming material
- Technique used
- Identification of the part or component examined.
- Result of Evaluation.
- Identity of Examiner
- Reviewed or Approved by QA/QC manager
- Reviewed or Approved by Authorized Inspector (if required)
- Reviewed or Approved by Customer (if required)

11. Material Acceptance Notice
A written report describes review between acceptable results of incoming material inspection record (paragraph 10) and certificate of conformity (paragraph 4.3) & requirements of Owner technical specifications.
The format contain as following information:
- The Project name
- Order No.
- Reference document: Inspection record No, Certificate of conformity, Relevant code & standard
- Result of Evaluation
- Identity of QA personnel
- Reviewed or Approved by QA/QC Manager
- Reviewed or Approved by Authorize Inspector (if required)
- Reviewed or Approved by Customer (if required)

12. Documentation
The Inspection record and material acceptance shall be maintained and documented of Mechanical Acceptance Report, that it will be sent to OWNER of the end of project.

13. Attachments
- Incoming Material Inspection Record

- Material Acceptance Notice

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