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Management Responsibility

Management Responsibility must define the management commitment and requirements necessary to facilitate effectiveness the quality management system, including a designated management representative who has the authority to ensure the system is established and maintained, and who has responsible to report the system's performance to top management.
This requirement also includes the need to establish the effectiveness of communication processes within the organization regarding implementation of quality management system.

The management responsibility are as follows:
# Management must provide evidence of their commitment to the development and improvement of the system, which includes communicating to the organization that importance of meeting customer need, regulatory and legal requirements.
# Management must ensure that the quality policy shows a commitment to continual improvement, provides a framework for quality objectives and it shall be reviewed for ongoing suitability.
# Management must ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled.

The below discussion is a sample of applicable The Management Responsibility for CONTRACTOR

1. Purpose
This procedure establishes, maintain, evaluate, and develop the effectiveness of quality management system implementation to achieve quality goal as per statement of the top management commitment.

2. Scope
i) This procedure describes required management activities during implement the quality system of company in accordance a quality management system.
ii) This procedure will be applied of Project Management.

3. Reference
Quality Management system ISO 9000

4. Management Commitment
CONTRACTOR’S management shall develop and implement the quality management system and continually improve its effective in accordance with requirements of international standard in order to meet customer satisfaction.

“Implement quality management system of project activity keep consistent with International quality management standard in order to maintain quality of project meet requirements of customer specifications”.

This commitment shall communicate throughout the organization and it shall be reviewed at least once per year by management review.

5. Quality Policy
Management shall define their commitment into quality policy by identify the needs and expectations of customer; evaluate relevant procedures and processes for effectiveness, with particular relevance to customer satisfaction.

“Provide products and/or services fully satisfy customer”

Adhere to these policies are implemented by the following key principles:
Customer Satisfaction:
It’s identifies, anticipate, and meet the needs and expectations of the customer. It shall become awareness and culture of all employees.

It’s a cooperation of individuals unit to achieve specific goals.

Continuous Improvement:
It’s a continuous training and refines the methods and processes used in order to improve the employees mind set, procedures and products.

It’s a confident, accountable employees aware of commitment, and enforce them contribute to its success.

All employees are expected to perform their responsibilities in accordance with applicable quality requirements, and to strive for customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Maintaining an atmosphere of integrity and responsiveness is one of the most important attributes of the work environment. All employees are encouraged to openly express all concerns for the quality items and services.

6. Quality Planning
The quality management system is developed to realize the management commitment. It shall be described on framework of quality objectives to meet current and future needs of CONTRACTOR relate with customers requirements.
All of quality objective statements are relevant for all functions and levels within the organization. The quality objectives shall be measured and consistent with the quality policy.

6.1. Quality Objectives
i) CONTRACTOR shall keep consistent to requirements of quality management system in accordance with project specifications, and inline with quality of product, cost, delivery time & safety.
ii) Provide excellent services and professional communication to achieve customer satisfactions and trust.
iii) Develop net working of customers, out sources, and partnership.

6.2. Quality Strategy
i) The job order shall focus and suit with CONTRACTOR capabilities.
ii) Personnel in charge of project shall have qualification appropriate with their job & responsibility.
iii) Continuous improvement of quality management system.

7. Responsibility, Authority, and Communication
7.1. Responsibility & Authority
This section defines management responsibility in implementation of quality management system.
Management activities shall describe as follows:
i) The top management shall have responsibilities:
a) To define the quality policy and establish quality objectives of company.
b) Establish and assure the run of organization structure in which the functions are in accordance with quality manual.

ii) Managers of function shall have responsibility in implementation of quality management system in accordance with their jobs respectively that mentioned in job description.

iii) Project Manager responsible for all aspects of the job and to manage the efforts of personnel working on the project, whether report directly or through a functional organization.

iv) Functional organization responsible for controlling activities to ensure that items and services supplied meet specified quality requirements.

v) Project Staff responsible for performing project activities, such as: reports, data, records in accordance with quality management system.

7.2. Management Representative
Top management shall appoint a member of the organization’s management, in order to achieve the effectiveness of quality management system.

In this discussion, the top management assigns corporate quality assurance manager as management representative.
The management representative shall have responsibility and authority as follows:
a) Ensuring that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained,
b) Reporting to top management on the performance of the quality management system and any need for improvement, and
c) Ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization,
d) Liaison with external parties on matters relating to the quality management system.

Activities of Management representative
i) Administrate and distribute quality manual
ii) Promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization by:
- Implement it of each internal functional meeting.
- Display the quality slogan of company on each required room.
- Briefing on tool box meeting

iii) Assessment of quality management system effectiveness.
iv) Monitoring the overall quality management system performance, and assuring that the quality management system provides for awareness of customer requirements.
v) Initiate to prevent, identify, record and solve un-conformance related quality management system and its implementation.
vi) Coordinate internal audit.
vii) Maintain record of management review.

8. Internal Communication
The Management Representative shall establish periodically meeting of semester, and management review at least once per year.

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