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Quality Control Procedure 2/2

3.1. Quality Control Requirements
CONTRACTOR and Vendor/ Subcontractors shall perform the quality control by conducting the testing and examinations, inspections and review the documentation as fabrication and construction progress in accordance with the project specification, drawings and procedures.
CONTRACTOR has policy to assign some personnel to perform the quality control of the whole of project.

CONTRACTOR’S quality control personnel have responsible as describe in section 4.2 below.

OWNER (or his inspector) and CONTRACTOR shall have the right to witness or review Vendor and/or Subcontractor’s quality control, testing, inspection and review documentation at any time, and will review or approve all quality control reports witnessed by OWNER and CONTRACTOR. These requirements are described in the inspection and test plan document.

OWNER and CONTRACTOR shall sign the inspection sheet upon completion of successful inspection or testing activities.

4.1. Policy
The following items are the project policy about Quality Control personnel assignment activities as required by Contract, or Scope of work.
4.1.1. Quality Control Manager under the direction of the Project Manager is responsible for all quality control work.
4.1.2. Each discipline engineer under the supervision of Engineering Manager shall be responsible for quality control of discipline works through close monitoring of the Vendor and/or Subcontractors work refer to requirements of specifications.
4.1.3. Construction Engineer and Supervisors are responsible for performance of work in compliance with the project specification, drawings and installation instructions.

4.2. Responsibilities
Organization chart of quality control is shown in Attachment 1 of this procedure.
OWNER has the right to review QA/QC personnel and reject for unqualified personnel. The following are the personnel in charge for quality control organization and their function:

4.2.1 QA/QC Manager
a. QA/QC Manager shall give reports to the Project manager.
b. QA/QC Manager responsible for supervision of Quality Control activities and coordinates Project Quality Assurance/ Quality Control efforts to ensure the intended results according contract requirements.
c. QA/QC Manager has right to attend the pre inspection meeting, inspection meeting and inspection of testing and holding the inspection activity in coordination with the Project Manager and OWNER’S Quality Control Coordination.
d. All release and/or rejected work/ inspection/ testing are under ultimate judgment of QA/QC Manager in accordance to the OWNER specification and statutory requirement.

4.2.2 QA/QC Engineer
a. QC Engineer is as assistant of Quality Control Manager.
b. QC Engineer shall responsible to monitors implementation of Inspection Policies and Procedure, Coordinates qualification test and determines the validity in accordance with regulation, codes, specifications and procedures; scheduling and monitoring their inspection result and reporting the result to QA/QC Manager.
c. QC Engineer ensures that certification and validity of adjustment and calibration, inspection, test and measuring equipment.
d. QC Engineer has responsibility and right to review, release and/or reject the vendor’s/ Subcontractor’s procedure and preparing any necessary procedure documents under QA/QC deliverable list. Also maintains a current file on non-conforming items.
e. QC Engineer also permitted to attend any pre-inspection meeting, inspection meeting and inspection of testing under QA/QC permission.

4.2.3 Quality Control Administration
a. QC Administration has responsibility to report to QA/QC Manager about all inspection and testing documentation.
b. QC Administration shall also sets up and verifying the documentation filling system and controls all documents on inspection and quality control in accordance to the contract requirements.

4.2.4 Discipline Inspector
a. Discipline Inspector has responsibility to report the result of each attend the testing and inspection of their each discipline to the Quality Engineer.
b. Discipline Inspector has right to inspect at any time according their determined schedule and can give notification that the work is release or rejected.

To ensure project activities meet OWNER’S requirement, CONTRACTOR describe required inspection and testing items, level definitions, co-ordinations among parties involve at the Procurements stage as per “Inspection & Test Plan at Shop” and Construction work as per “Inspection & Test Plan at Field”.

5.1. Application for Inspection
QA/QC Manager shall submit “Application for Inspection” to OWNER for the witness/ inspection of items as shown in the Inspection and Test Plan. Notification is at least as per contract requirement prior the inspection date with the following information:
• Contract No and/or Purchase Order No. and Project Name
• Kind of inspection include the equipment to be inspected and tag number
• Vendor name (if applicable)
• Venue of inspection complete with Location of inspection date and time
• CONTRACTOR’S or Vendor’s person in charge or contact.

5.2. Inspection Meeting
5.2.1 Pre-Inspection Meeting
CONTRACTOR and Vendor shall perform this meeting for any major equipment, before start fabrication. The detail explanation of this meeting will describe in “Shop Inspection Procedure.

5.2.2. Regular Inspection Meeting
a. Meeting will be held at appropriate intervals to notify related disciplines regarding inspection schedule and review various inspection/ test matter.
b. Frequency of meeting will be determined by OWNER and CONTRACTOR.
c. This meeting will be attended by OWNER’S inspection, CONTRACTOR’S QA/QC Manager and/or QC Engineer, Discipline Engineer, Construction Engineer, and others as required.

5.2.3 Special Inspection Meeting
If a serious problem occurs, a special inspection meeting shall be conducted to evaluate, discuss and resolve the cause and resolution of the problem.
The special inspection meeting shall be attended by Regular Inspection Meeting members and CONTRACTOR Engineering Manager. This meeting will be chaired by Engineering Manager.

5.3. Shop Inspection
QA/QC Manager or his representative shall supervise all inspection activities for material and/or equipment and review Inspection Report to ensure that all Purchase Order requirements and OWNER’S Specification will be fulfilled.
Having ensured that all inspection items have been done, and the material and/or equipment compliance with the specification, QA / QC Manager or his representative shall generate “Inspection Release Notice“.

5.4. Receiving Material Inspection
QA/QC Manager or his representative and Procurement Manager shall arrange and supervise inspection activities during receiving material to verify between mill certificate, and material or equipment identification, and check the physical condition of material or equipment.
QA / QC Department will publish acceptance notice for the material or equipment that have been inspected and accepted by material inspector. If during the material inspection found non-conformity of OWNER’s specification shall refer to paragraph 5.7.

5.5. Inspection and Test during Construction Phase
Inspection activities performed on field shall be arranged and supervised by QA/QC Manager or his representative. All inspection activities between CONTRACTOR, OWNER and other parties shall be identified and clarified on Inspection and Test Plan at field.
Non-Conformance items that found during inspection shall refer to paragraph 5.7.

5.6. Mechanical Final Inspection
Mechanical Final Inspection shall be performed after equipment and / or system completely constructed and installed, according to approved drawings, prior Load Test or Hydrostatic test or pre commissioning.
If there are some works not finish or install yet, it shall be noted of Punch out List.
QA/QC Manager or his representative and Inspector should ensure the following items have been done prior final inspection:
a. All inspection items have been completely done, accepted and compliance with the inspection & Test Plan at field and OWNER’S requirements
b. All inspection reports have been documented in Mechanical Completion Files, include: civil work, piping work and Electrical Work. It shall be prepared by QC Engineer, Approved by QA/QC Manager and reviewed or witnessed by OWNER.
c. All Non Conformity Report have been closed and accepted by all parties involve (if any)
d. Mechanical Completion Certificate will generate after Mechanical final inspection done without or with minor remaining work of punch list.
e. No major remaining work of punch list.
f. The detail steps refer to Mechanical Acceptance Procedure.

5.7. Non Conformity
The Non conformity report will be published If any item of inspection cannot meet OWNER’S specification.
The non conformity report shall be performed as described below.
a. Deviation from the specifications shall be discussed with OWNER.
b. Procedure for repair of modification to bring item into conformity shall be established by QA/QC Manager in coordination with the Engineering Manager.
c. Modification to specification, procedures or drawings shall be subject to approval of OWNER.
d. A non-conformity report will be issued to OWNER immediately upon discover of a non-conformance item.
e. The procedure to handle NCR’S shall be followed in accordance with Non Conformity Procedure.

5.8. Inspection and Test Record
a. CONTRACTOR shall submit a copy of Inspection and Test Record within maximum a day after completion of the inspection and test.
b. Upon completion of all inspection and test, CONTRACTOR shall submit to OWNER a copy an original set if these records plus required copies (as per the contract). These records will form part of the mechanical completion turnover packages.

5.9. Inspection of Measuring and Test Equipment
a. CONTRACTOR shall describe the method used to ensure the measurement equipment for examination, test and inspection are properly controlled, calibrated, and maintained. All information about the inspection equipment including the periodic calibration for accuracy and any adjustment shall be documented.
b. CONTRACTOR shall ensure the effective monitoring of the accuracy of the inspection equipment with respect to the specified requirements and standards.

Attachment - 1 QA/QC Organization Chart
Attachment - 2 Inspection release Notice (Form 1)
Attachment - 3a Non-Conformance Report (Form 3a)
Attachment - 3b Disposition Plan/ Order (Form 3b)
Attachment - 4 Application for Inspection (Form 4)
Attachment - 5 Inspection Report (Form 5)
Attachment - 6 Punch Out List (Form 6)

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