Monday, June 29, 2009

Non Conformity Procedure

Non conformity report is a written description released by QA/QC manager that it describes reason of detected deviation between the products with the contract requirements, which it will influence to design performance; it describe disposition plan shall be taken; and the corrective action that has been done for closing.

1. General
i) This section describes control procedure of non conformity report and corrective action shall be taken of non conformity product.
ii) The disposition shall be classified basically into 3 (three) categories: “Use as is”; “Repair”; or “Reject”.

ii) QA/QC Procedure
Inspection and Test Plan

3. Definition
“Major defect” is a deviation of product that it will interact to design performance of product; or defect which causes serious malfunctioning of a product.

“Minor defect” is a deviation of product that it will not interact to design performance of product; or

defect which reduces the effectiveness of the product, without causing serious malfunctioning.

4. Responsibilities
i) Construction team or Examiner shall have responsible for describe the non conformity product and report it to QA/QC manager for verification.
ii) QA/QC Manager responsible for publish the non-conformity report, and maintain it. QA/QC Manager responsible for put “HOLD” mark of non-conformity product, and coordinate the relevant project team to decide the disposition and report it to Project manager.
iii) Construction Manager assure that the non conformity product is not installed prior the problem clear.
iv) Engineering Manager responsible for review the non conformity report.

5. Coordination
5.1. Construction team and/or Examiner shall inform the deviation or non conformity of product to QA/QC manager for verifying it.
5.2. If found non conformity of product, QA/QC manager shall publish non conformity report and distribute it to Engineering Manager, Project Manager, and Project Engineer, and Construction manager for review.
5.3. Examiner shall put “HOLD” mark of the non conformity product, and Construction Manager shall assure that the product is not installed.
QA/QC Manager shall discuss with the key person to decide the disposition.
QA/QC manager shall assure that the non conformity has been closed in accordance with disposition taken.

The Corrective Action outlines the responsibilities and methods for identifying causes of nonconformities, initiating corrective actions, investigating the root cause, taking corrective action, preventing recurrence of problems, and verification & closure. The Procedure ensures that corrective actions have been effective in preventing the reasons for nonconformity.

7. Documentation
The NCR shall be maintained and documented in Mechanical Acceptance Report

8. Attachments
- Non Conformity Report Form
- Corrective Action Request Form

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  1. Great stuff,

    A couple of items that may be missing from this discussion..

    If you encounter the nonconformity and then decide to repair, QA will need to verify / validate the repair. This needs to be documented.

    With regards to the corrective action, you should follow the 8D discipline to assure that the corrective action was complete.

    -Quality Assurance Solutions


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