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Quality Control Procedure

This QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURE describes the organization unit that is assigned responsibility for management quality and product quality.

QUALITY CONTROL is monitoring and evaluation of the project use techniques and activities to determine and compare between actual performances with acceptance criteria refer to Owner technical specification, relevant codes & standards, and local government regulations; to eliminate causes of unsatisfactorily performance.

The goal of quality control is to improve quality and involves monitoring the project outputs to determine if they meet Owner specification requirements; and also base on consideration of budget and schedule.

The below document is an applicable sample of QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURE that shall be applied of CONTRACTOR.

i. The Quality Control procedure describes minimum requirements of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control for a Construction Project, in order to achieve OWNER quality requirements.
ii. The Quality Control procedure to establish good coordination between OWNER and CONTRACTOR.
iii. To facilitate smooth Quality Control activities between CONTRACTOR and Subcontractor, a specific procedure shall be set up in accordance with this procedure.

1.2. References
- Project Quality Assurance Plan
- Inspection and Test Pla
- Welding Procedure Specification & Procedure Qualification Record
- Non Destructive Examination Personnel Qualification Procedure
- Non Destructive Examination Procedure
- Shop Inspection Procedure
- Field Testing Procedures

1.3. Terminology - See Project Quality Assurance Plan
1.4. Conflicting Requirements - See Project Quality Assurance Plan

2. Quality Assurance
2.1. Quality Assurance Requirements
2.1.1. Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic action by management that is necessary for establishing requirements and ascertaining conformance to ensure that the design, fabrication, construction (erection & installation), start up, and commissioning program will be performed to a satisfactory quality standard as OWNER required.
2.1.2 Quality Assurance shall have a full commitment from CONTRACTOR’S management in the application of the required program. CONTRACTOR’S project management team shall be delegated with the responsibility to ensure that OWNER’S quality assurance requirements are met.
2.1.3 CONTRACTOR shall develop and implement the project quality assurance plan. OWNER will monitor and audit all aspects of quality assurance to ensure that the project quality assurance plan is being correctly used and effectively implemented. CONTRACTOR’S project quality assurance plan shall include about all phases of a project activity from establishing functional capability to operation of the facilities. CONTRACTOR shall responsible for the quality of Vendor’s and/or Subcontractors works and materials in accordance with OWNER specification and statutory requirements.

2.2. Quality Records
CONTRACTOR shall describe the system of identification, collection, indexing, filling, storage, maintenance, and disposition of various records.
The records shall document the evidence of compliance with the Contract requirements.
The system shall be able to ensure all quality records are legible, identifiable, store, maintained, and retrievable.

2.3. Quality Audit of Internal

CONTRACTOR shall carry out planned audits to ensure the adequacy of the quality assurance, quality control, inspection, and testing activities in order to ensure complete traceability and documentation of the activities. The audits shall be the direct responsibility of CONTRACTOR, who may delegate to CONTRACTOR’S Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Manager who shall organize the audit group. An Internal Quality Audit schedule shall be submitted to OWNER for review and approval.
The audit results shall be documented and OWNER reserves the right to be represented during these audits and have access to all pertinent documents.
OWNER shall have the right to conduct periodic audits on CONTRACTOR pertinent to QA/QC activities related to the works. OWNER shall notify CONTRACTOR two weeks in advance prior to the audit.
All irregularities or non-conformances revealed by the audit and during on going QA/QC review shall be corrected by CONTRACTOR in a timely manner so that the contractual completion can be fulfilled.

2.4. Training
CONTRACTOR shall describe the system for identifying the training needs and provision of training to all personnel involved in the work.
The system shall be able to provide guidelines to all personnel to perform specific assignments that conform to the contract requirements.

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